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NGC 5907 - The Spindle Galaxy

(with RCOS 24" & STL-11000M)

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NGC 5907, also known as the Splinter Galaxy, is an edge-on spiral that lies approximately 39 million light years distant, in the constellation of Draco. Several other faint galaxies can be found throughout the field, but the bright one near the top right is PGC 54419.

This image was taken at the Mount Lemmon Sky Center, under the guidance of Adam Block.

24" RCOS Carbon Truss f/8
SBIG STL-11000M with AO-8
Luminance: 135 minutes (15 minute exposures)
RGB: 30:30:30 (10 minute exposures, binned 2x2)
Processed with Maxim/DL, Images Plus, and Photoshop CS3
Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools

NGC 5907, NGC 5866, NGC 5905, et al

Wide-Field View

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The most prominent galaxy in this field of view is NGC 5907 to the upper left. It is a spiral galaxy viewed edge-on, with a noticable dust lane down the center. Beneath NGC 5907 are a couple of smaller galaxy, including the beautiful pinwheel of NGC 5905. The bright galaxy near the lower-right is NGC 5866, which is sometimes erroneously referred to as Messier 102. The entire field of view here is approximately 2°. North is toward the top.

Takahashi Sky 90 at f/4.5
SBIG STL-4020M (self-guided)
Takahashi EM-200
Hutech LPS Filter
Luminance: 2:20 (5 minute subexposures)
RGB: 30 minutes each (5 minute subexposures)
Processed in Maxim/DL and Photoshop
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