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Open Clusters

Bubble Bubble Open cluster M52 is located very near the Bubble Nebula, and this image contains many other objects as well.
M35 M35 M35 is a beautiful open cluster in Gemini, and is accompanied by a much older cluster NGC 2158.
M103 M103 M103 is a beautiful compact open cluster in Cassiopiea. This image includes a meteor that streaked through one of my frames.
NGC 7789 NGC 7789 NGC 7789 is one of the most dense open clusters in the fall sky. It is located in Cassiopiea, and is a fine sight visually in telescopes of all apertures.
Brocchi's Cluster Brocchi's Cluster Also called the Coathanger, this is not a true cluster.
M67 M67 Messier 67 is a fine open cluster in the faint constellation of Cancer.
NGC 7762 NGC 7762 This open cluster is accompanied by several other clusters and lies in the nebular region Ced 214.
NGC 7790 NGC 7790 This field of view contains many small open clusters.
NGC 1528 NGC 1528 NGC 1528 is a large, rich open cluster in the constellation of Perseus.
Double Cluster Double Cluster Two beautiful clusters in one field, easily visible to the naked eye.
E.T. Cluster E.T. Cluster Also called the Owl Cluster, or occasionally the Lobster Cluster.
Pleiades Pleiades M45 is a spectacular naked eye cluster and a photographic showpiece in Taurus.
M52, Bubble, and Sh2-157 M52, Bubble, and Sh2-157 The largest object in this image is nebula Sh2-157, lying nearby to the Bubble Nebula and M52.
NGC 6939 and NGC 6946 NGC 6939 and NGC 6946 The galaxy NGC 6946 is paired with an open cluster NGC 6939 lying in the foreground.
M50 M50 This bright open cluster is located in Monoceros.
Saturn inside the Beehive Saturn inside the Beehive In Feburary 2006, Saturn could be found hiding in the Beehive Cluster.
M41 M41 This bright open cluster is located in Canis Major.
"37" Cluster "37" Cluster Proof that Douglas Adams was wrong: the answer to the meaning of life, the universe, and everything is not 42.
M46 and M47 M46 and M47 This field contains open clusters M46, M47, and NGC 2423. M46 sports a planetary nebula, NGC 2438.
Auriga Cluster Mosaic Auriga Cluster Mosaic A mosaic containing M36, M37, M38, and several other clusters.
M37 M37 M37 is the prettiest, most dense open cluster of the three big Auriga clusters.
M34 M34 M34 is a sparse open cluster in Perseus.
Kemble's Cascade Kemble's Cascade This is a string of stars cascading into the open cluster NGC 1502.
NGC 752 NGC 752 This large, sparse open cluster is in the constellation of Andromeda.
M103 and NGC663 M103 and NGC663 This wide-field contains M103, NGC 663, NGC 659, NGC 654, and Trumpler 1.
Lagoon and Trifid Lagoon and Trifid This field of view contains the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas, open cluster M21, and globular cluster NGC 6544.
Wild Duck Cluster Wild Duck Cluster M11 is one of the most dense open clusters.
Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT A telescopic comet that appeared in 2004, and which made a close pass with the Beehive Cluster.
Venus with the Pleiades Venus with the Pleiades In April 2004, Venus could be seen in the same field of view as the Pleiades.