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Crescent Nebula Crescent Nebula A bright shell of gas surrounding an energetic Wolf-Rayet star.
Sh2-119 Sh2-119 Sharpless 2-119 is a large region of emission nebulosity only a few degrees away from the North America Nebula.
NGC 2174 NGC 2174 NGC 2174 (also known as the Monkey Head Nebula) is a bright nebula near the border of Orion and Gemini, and is colocated with open cluster NGC 2175.
Rosette Nebula Rosette Nebula The Rosette Nebula is a very bright and very large emission complex in the constellation of Monoceros.
Dumbbell Nebula Dumbbell Nebula The gaseous remains of a dead star.
California Nebula California Nebula Huge nebula at the foot of Perseus.
IC 1396 IC 1396 This huge area of nebulosity in Cepheus contains the famous Elephant's Trunk nebula.
Sh2-132 Sh2-132 Sharpless 2-132 is a fairly bright area of nebulosity in Cepheus.
Heart Nebula Heart Nebula At the center of this huge heart-shaped nebula is an open cluster called Mellotte 15.
Bubble Bubble Open cluster M52 is located very near the Bubble Nebula, and this image contains many other objects as well.
Veil Nebula Veil Nebula The Veil Nebula complex is the glowing remnants of a supernova that occurred thousands of years ago.
North American Nebula North American Nebula NGC 7000 is very bright, but difficult to see because of its size.
NGC 281 NGC 281 This bright nebula in Cassiopiea is often whimsically referred to as the Pacman Nebula.
Pelican Nebula Pelican Nebula The Pelican Nebula (IC 5070) is often seen in images along with its bigger and brighter neighbour, the North American Nebula.
Crab Nebula Crab Nebula A remnant of a supernova that occurred in 1054.
Embryo Nebula Embryo Nebula A huge region of nebulosity in Cassiopeia.
Orion Nebula Orion Nebula The Great Orion Nebula is probably the most spectactular showepiece object in the winter sky. It is easily seen as the middle star in Orion's sword, and is a grand sight in telescopes of all sizes. Also visible are M43, and the Running Man Nebula.
Eagle Nebula Eagle Nebula The Eagle nebula contains the "pillars of creation" made famous by the Hubble photo.
M108 and the Owl Nebula M108 and the Owl Nebula M97 (the Owl Nebula) shares the camera field of view with far-away galaxy M108.
Jellyfish Nebula Jellyfish Nebula The Jellyfish Nebula in Gemini (more mundanely known as IC 443) is the remnant of a supernova that occurred approximately 30,000 years ago.
Simeis 147 Simeis 147 Simeis 147 is a very large and faint supernova remant straddling the Taurus/Auriga border.
Flaming Star Nebula Flaming Star Nebula A region of nebulosity powered by the bright variable star AE Aurigae.
IC5068 IC5068 IC 5068 is a fascinating patch of nebulosity that lies below the North America & Pelican nebulae.
Sh2-160 Sh2-160 Sharpless 2-160 is a very faint HII region in Cepheus.
NGC 6820 NGC 6820 NGC6820 is a bright nebula in Vulpecula with fascinating pillar structures.
Abell 78 Abell 78 Abell 78 is the colourful remnant of a dying star.
The Monkey Head Nebula The Monkey Head Nebula NGC 2174 is also known as the Monkey Head Nebula and lies in Orion, near the border to Gemini.
NGC 1491 NGC 1491 NGC 1491 is a small emission nebula in the constellation of Perseus.
Gamma Cassiopiea Gamma Cassiopiea An extremely faint region of nebulosity around the bright star Gamma Cassiopiea.
Gamma Cygni Region Gamma Cygni Region A large mosaic (3x3) of nebulosity surrounding the star Gamma Cygni (Sadr).
NGC 7822 NGC 7822 NGC 7822 is part of a larger area of nebulosity that includes nearby Cederblad 214, in the constellation Cepheus.
Cocoon Nebula Cocoon Nebula Beautiful nebula blazing a path through dark nebula B168.
Ring Nebula Ring Nebula The Ring Nebula (M57) in the tiny constellation of Lyra is a true showpiece planetary nebula in amateur telescopes.
Fox Fur Region Fox Fur Region This region contains the Christmas Tree Cluster and the Cone Nebula.
Horsehead and Flame Horsehead and Flame The Horsehead Nebula is actually the dark nebula B33 set against the background of IC 434. To the left of the bright star Alnitak is the Flame.
IC 410 IC 410 This nebula lies very close to the Flaming Star nebula in Auriga.
Pleiades Pleiades M45 is a spectacular naked eye cluster and a photographic showpiece in Taurus.
M52, Bubble, and Sh2-157 M52, Bubble, and Sh2-157 The largest object in this image is nebula Sh2-157, lying nearby to the Bubble Nebula and M52.
NGC 7822 with Ced 214 NGC 7822 with Ced 214 This field of view contains faint Ced 214 as well as the much brighter NGC 7822.
Iris Nebula Iris Nebula The Iris Nebula is also known as NGC 7023 in the constellation Cepheus.
Cave Nebula Cave Nebula This nebula gets its name from the cavity of darkness formed by an interposing molecular cloud.
Barnard's "E" Barnard's "E" A dark nebula consisting of B142 and B143.
Swan Nebula Swan Nebula The Swan Nebula in Sagittarius is a beautiful target with a large arperture telescope.
Eagle and Swan Eagle and Swan The Eagle and Swan nebulas in the same field of view.
Lagoon and Trifid Lagoon and Trifid This field of view contains the Lagoon and Trifid Nebulas, open cluster M21, and globular cluster NGC 6544.