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Summer Triangle Summer Triangle The nothern Milky Way flows through and around the three stars of the Summer Triangle.
M108 and the Owl Nebula M108 and the Owl Nebula M97 (the Owl Nebula) shares the camera field of view with far-away galaxy M108.
Whale & Hockey Stick Galaxies Whale & Hockey Stick Galaxies The galaxy pair NGC 4631 (the Whale) and NGC 4656 (the Hockey Stick) lie in the small constellation of Canes Venatici.
IC 342 IC 342 IC342 is a face-on spiral galaxy that is highly obscured by intervening galactic dust.
Andromeda Galaxy Andromeda Galaxy Updated October 18, 2008, with almost 4 hours of added luminance.
NGC 5907 et al NGC 5907 et al This is a beautiful edge-on galaxy in Draco.
Sunflower Galaxy Sunflower Galaxy The Sunflower Galaxy (M63) has many bright knots in its spiral arms.
M106 M106 Galaxy M106 is surrounded by numerous satellite galaxies.
Triangulum Galaxy Triangulum Galaxy The Triangulum galaxy, also known as M33, is one of the closest large galaxies to our own.
NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet NGC 7331 and Stephan's Quintet This galaxy-rich section of Pegasus contains two galaxy clusters, the Deerlick group and Stephan's Quintet.
M101 M101 M101 is a very large face-on spiral, and is a fine sight in a large aperture telescope at a dark site.
M51 M51 The Whirlpool galaxy is a beautiful face-on spiral that has had a recent gravitational close call with its smaller neighbour, NGC 5195.
M81 and M82 M81 and M82 This field contains many galaxies, dominated by M81 and M82.
NGC 891 NGC 891 This beautiful edge-on galaxy has a prominent dark lane down the middle.
NGC 185 and NGC 147 NGC 185 and NGC 147 These two galaxies are members of our local group, and are probably gravitationally bound to each other. Both are dwarf galaxies, and neither has much intrinsic structure. Both are located in the constellation of Cassiopiea.
NGC 6939 and NGC 6946 NGC 6939 and NGC 6946 The galaxy NGC 6946 is paired with an open cluster NGC 6939 lying in the foreground.
M95, M96, and M105 M95, M96, and M105 This field contains galaxies M95, M96, as well as the M105 group.
Markarian's Chain Markarian's Chain This region of Virgo is filled with galaxies, almost too numerous to count.
Leo Trio Leo Trio The famous Leo Trio consists of M65, M66, and NGC 3628.
NGC 2903 NGC 2903 This is a large and bright galaxy in Leo.
NGC 2403 NGC 2403 This is a large bright galaxy in Camelopardalis.
Hickson 68 Hickson 68 This compact galaxy cluster is in the same frame as the foreground galaxy NGC 5371.