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Astronomical Events

Comet 17/P Holmes Comet 17/P Holmes Comet 17/P Holmes unexpectedly reached naked eye brightness in late 2007.
Lunar Eclipse (Aug 2007) Lunar Eclipse (Aug 2007) Total lunar eclipse from Redmond, WA on August 28, 2007.
Moon and Venus 2007 Moon and Venus 2007 In May, 2007, the Moon and Venus formed a beautiful nighttime pair. These images were taken near Quincy, WA.
Comet 73/P Schwassmann/Wachmann 3 Comet 73/P Schwassmann/Wachmann 3 This comet fragmented into several pieces in 1995, this is the brightest one during its 2006 apparition.
Saturn inside the Beehive Saturn inside the Beehive In Feburary 2006, Saturn could be found hiding in the Beehive Cluster.
Comet C/2004 Q1 Machholz Comet C/2004 Q1 Machholz A telescopic comet that appeared in 2005.
Lunar Eclipse (Oct 2004) Lunar Eclipse (Oct 2004) Total lunar eclipse from Bellevue, WA on Oct 27, 2004.
Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT Comet C/2001 Q4 NEAT A telescopic comet that appeared in 2004, and which made a close pass with the Beehive Cluster.
Venus with the Pleiades Venus with the Pleiades In April 2004, Venus could be seen in the same field of view as the Pleiades.