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NGC 6939 and NGC 6946

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The galaxy NGC 6946 shown here is less than one degree away from the open cluster NGC 6939. In reality the pair are not nearly so close to each other. NGC 6939 is a cluster within our Milky way and is only about 1000 l.y. from us. NGC 6946 is an entirely separate galaxy that is over 10 million l.y. from us. The constellation boundary between Cygnus and Cepheus runs right between the two; NGC 6946 is in Cygnus, while NGC 6939 is in Cepheus.

Takahashi Sky 90 at f/4.5
SBIG STL-4020M (self-guided)
Hutech LPS Filter
Luminance: 65 minutes (5 minute subs)
RGB: 40 minutes each channel (5 minute subs)
Processed in Maxim/DL and Photoshop
Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools Actions


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