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Jupiter (7:40pm, 29-Oct-2010)

I used an Orion XT-8 Dobsonian reflector, mounted on a Takahashi EM-200 mount to take this picture.  Taken with a Phillips ToUCam Pro coupled to a Televue 2.5x PowerMate (e.f.l. 3000mm).

Jupiter (27-Apr-2006)

The seeing was very steady the night I took this, and I was able to get my 90mm refractor up to 4000mm f.l. without much degradation.  I achieved this by stacking a 5x PowerMate on the 1.6x Extender-Q.

Takahashi Sky 90
Televue 5x PowerMate and Takahashi Extender-Q (e.f.l. 4000mm)
Phillips ToUCam Pro
Hutech LPS filter
Stack of 444 frames
Processed with Registax, Images Plus, and Photoshop

Ganymede Shadow Transit

Jupiter and Ganymede shadow transit

Jupiter's Moons

Jupiter and Moons (1-March-2004)