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The Fox Fur Region

Cone Nebula and Christmas Tree Cluster

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This large area of the sky is dominated by a large structure whose texture earns the nickname Fox Fur Nebula. There are several smaller more well-known objects in this area, including the Cone Nebula near the bottom left, the Christmas Tree Cluster (upside-down, with the cone as its tip), LBN 899 in the upper right corner that is amidst an inky dark nebula. The Christmas Tree Cluster is a beautiful cluster in almost any amateur telescope, and some of the nebulosity can be seen in dark skies. Despite being very bright in this image's H-Alpha light, the Cone Nebula is a very difficult target visually even with a large telescope.

Takahashi Sky 90 at f/4.5
SBIG STL-4020M (self-guided)
Takahashi EM-200
Hutech LPS Filter
Ha: 4:40 (20 minute subexposures)
R:36, G:36, B:36 (4 minute subexposures)
Processed in Maxim/DL and Photoshop
Noel Carboni's Astronomy Tools Actions


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